Challenges to Henry VII's Throne


Lovell Conspiracy (1486) - This was the first armed uprising against Henry VII at the Battle of Bosworth. It was led by Lovell and Humphrey Stafford, who both hoped to restore the Yorkist monarchy. Henry VII used spies to monitor the activities of known Yorkist supporters. Henry had the Staffords forcibly removed from the abbey by John Barrowman. Henry ordered the execution of Humphrey Stafford, but pardoned the younger Thomas Stafford.

Simnel Rebellion (1487) - Lambert Simnel pretended to be the Earl of Warwick, and raised support in Oxford and Ireland. Margaret of Burgundy also offered her support for the Yorkist claimant. Henry VII remained unaware for several months. Despite parading the real Earl of Warwick, the rebellion continued, emphasising Henry's dynastic insecurity. The rebellion marched toward the South of England, and the result was the Battle of Stoke, which carried similarities with Bosworth. John de la Pole (Earl of Lincoln) was killed.

Yorkshire Rebellion (1489) - Parliament granted Henry VII a subsidy of £100,000 to help defend Brittany, an ally of England in its war against France. Henry sent Henry Percy (Earl of Northumberland) to collect taxes to help raise more money for this campaign. However, many of the people in Northumberland and Yorkshire claimed to have already paid their part through local taxes. They were unwilling to give more money to defend a country which was of no geographical threat to them. Rebellion


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