Case Study of Volcanoes - Mount Nyiragongo

  • In January 2002, Mount Nyiragongo - situated in the African Fift Valley in the Central African Republic - erupted causing a 1000km wide river of basalt lava.
  • It flowed into the city of Goma, killing 100 people due to the poisonous gas being emitted and the scorching lava itself.

Social Impacts

  • The lava and earthquakes destroyed 12,500 homes.
  • 400,000 people were evacuated as the eruption was predicted.
  • As a result of the evacuation, refugee camps became overcrowded.
  • The mainswater supplies cause concern incase of spread of disease. 

Economic Impacts

  • Acid rain caused by poisonous gases affected crops and farm animals making farmers lose income.
  • Most of the people that lived…


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