Care in the community treatment (social approach)

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Care in the Community (social approach treatment)

Mental disorders can be triggered by factors in the environment, social factors, in conjunction with other causes. Followers of the approach see long term stays in hospitals as leading to institutionalisation. Patients become so used to having everything done for them, and not being able to make their own decisions, that it is hard to adjust to living outside.

In the 70s and 80s there was a move toward caring for patients with mental disorders in the community, to avoid this institutionalisation. This led to the closure of a number of psychiatric hospital and wards, with community-based care programmes being set up instead. These programmes rely on a number of different agencies providing a variety od services, with the aim of rehabilitating the patient and ensuring they can function as normally as possible in society. These services can include sheltered accomodation, with 24-hour care available for those who cannot cope by themselves and have nowhere else to live.

Care staff are available to provide help and support when it is needed, and oversee the day-day living if…


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