social control (18 marks)

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  • Using 2 examples in your answer, describe and evaluate what it means to society to say that there needs to be social control.(18 marks)
    • society needs social control
      • there is order and society is safe
      • members of society work and live in harmony together
      • no aggression
    • Drug Treatment
      • Keeps people mentally balanced
      • treats mental illnesses
        • More effective alongside other treatments
      • research- less side effects
      • cost less in terms of medical fees
      • benefits both individuals and society
      • focus' and masks the symptoms ignoring the underlying causes
      • Untitled
      • side effects may be worse than the symptoms its self
    • Token Economy
      • Control the behaviour of Prisoners
        • reward desired behaviour with tokens
        • exchange for something they then desire.
      • form of conditioning
        • modifies behaviour
      • don't translate well into 'outside' world
      • may slip back into behaviour
        • criminal behaviour- recidivism
    • Suicide
      • extreme form of harm to oneself
      • Depression?
      • steps taken to prevent
      • someones own right to do so
      • Society has to make sure people are mentally balanced
    • Abnormality
      • deviation from social norms
      • control society
      • people do what is expected to be 'normal'
      • Social control makes people feel comfortable within society.
    • Care in the community programmes
      • teaches life skill and gives support
      • attend therapy to be allowed to live in community.
      • cost to society as well as benefits
      • medical approaches tend to ignore social factors involved in diagnosis of mental disorders
        • lead to prevention?- better than a cure?
      • heavily populated areas
      • doesn't help mask symptoms
    • both help with mental health
    • Society benefits
      • by controlling; mental health problems and criminal behaviour
        • benefit of the majority in society
  • Drug Therapy is heavily focused on the Biological approach
    • dopamine hypothesis
  • assumes depression comes from problems with neurotransmitters
    • Rosenhan
  • can be used for drug addiction
  • Hard to check if drug is prescribed
  • Browne et al
  • control schizophrenia
  • 50% stop taking drugs and relapse
  • kane et al
    • between 10% and 20% do not improve if given drug therapy
  • Meltzer et al(2004)
    • effectiveness for schizophrenia
      • 481 patients given placebo. 4 groups. believed anti-psychotic.
        • drug therapy works to an extent


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