C3.4 - Alcohols, Organic acids and esters.

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Alcohols have an ‘OH’ functional group and will always end in; ol. The generic formula is ‘C, ‘n, ‘H, ‘2n+1, ‘OH’. The basic naming system is the same for alkanes, but instead you replace the ‘e’ with ‘ol’. Alcohols are flammable. They burn to produce carbon dioxide and water.

Methanol and ethanol evaporate easily and give off fumes – they are volatile and should therefore be stored in closed containers.

Methanol, Ethanol, Propanol mix completely with water.

Alcohols are toxic to some degree. Methanol is much more toxic than ethanol, and causes blindness when drunk. Ethanol – commercial alcohol causes liver and brain damage.

The smaller of the alcohols can dissolve hydrocarbons, oils and fats – things that water cannot dissolve. Methanol and ethanol are…


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