Organic Chemistry

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  • Organic Chemistry
    • Carboxylic Acids
      • Dissolve in water to produce ACIDIC solutions
      • React with CARBONATES to produce carbon dioxide
      • React with ALCOHOLS in the presence of an acid catalyst and produce ESTERS
      • Do not ionise completely when dissolved in water-WEAK ACIDS
      • Aqueous solutions of weak acids
        • Higher pH value that aqueous solutions of strong acids with the same concentration
      • Have the functional group -COOH
      • Ethanoic acid is an example, which is the main acid in the aqueous solution-vinegar
    • Alcohols
      • Functional group -OH
      • Methanol, Ethanol and Proponal are the first 3 members of the homologous series of alcohols
        • Dissolve in water, to form neutral solutions
        • React with sodium to produce hydrogen
        • Burn in air
        • Used as fuels and solvents. Ethanol= Main alcohol in alcoholic drinks
      • Ethanol-->Ethanoic acid
        • When it is oxidised by  Chemical Oxidising Agents or by Microbial Action
    • Esters
      • Ethyl ethanoate is ester produced from ethanol+ethanoic acid
      • Have functional group -COO-
      • Volatile compounds with distinctive smells and used as flavourings and perfumes


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