Business Ethics

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Ethcs are based on the moral values or priniciples of a group and they are often developed through our cultures. They stay relatively stable throughout our lives.

Pre-convetional morality: A selfish way of thinking that is only concerned with doing what will be rewarded and not doing what they will be punished for. Self centred.

Conventional morality: Thinking about how society will judge them based on their actions. These people are concerned by legaility.

Post-conventional morality: Thinking of how your decisions will be affective in the long term. These people will judge themselves.

Dell used pre-conventional morality when between 2003-2005 they used faulty components to fix broken computers.

Factors affecting ethical decisions:

- Extent of probelms.

- Top management actions.

- Potential consequences.

- Social Consensus.

- Probability of harm.

- Time until consequences.

- Number affected.

The longer time it takes a company to reveal…


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