Book 9 of Homer's Odyssey

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This book starts in Phaecia. King Alcinous sees Odysseus crying when a bard was singing about the Trojan war and asks Odysseus about it (although Alcinous should be more tactful). Odysseus tells him that he is ODYSSEUS! WOW! and he tells Alcinous about some of his adventures AFTER he leaves troy. This might make us wonder if he's lying to look more impressive. 

The first of these stories is that of the Cicones and the Lotus Eaters.

Let's get started!
(also you should actually read book 9 of the odyssey along with these BRILLIANT notes.)

So at some point the Cicones attacked Odysseus and his men when they were on their island. Odysseus and his men beat the Cicones, but then stayed on the island an extra day to 'celebrate' their victory (get drunk).

Then the Cicones attacked them again in the morning and 72 dudes on Odysseus' side died. 
So Odysseus and his men leave, a storm happens and they end up on an ISLAND! (yes, another one. this is greece). 
These lotus-eaters give Odysseus and his men some lotuses to eat (which is xenia, being a


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