Ancient Greek Gods (GCSE)

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Ancient Greek gods:

religion reached into every aspect of ancient Greek life, fro housework to farming, from sailing to sex, from death to having a good time! there were 2 main groups of Gods, the titans and the Olympians.

the Olympians were the offspring of the of the Titans and they all came about in odd ways.

When Rhea (queen of the titans) gave birth to one of Chronos' children (king of the gods, he swallowed the new born, to make sure that they did not threaten his reign. When Zeus was born (the youngest of his siblings). Rhea tricked Chronos into eating a rock instead of Zeus. Rhea then hid Zeus in a cave and when he grew up, Zeus waged war against the Titans along with his siblings who were vomited out. The Olympians won so they banished the Titans to a place called Tartarus.

ZUES: Zeus was the king of the gods and the youngest out of his brothers and sisters. he is often shown with a lightning bolt (which he received from the cyclops) and an eagle (who brings the lightning back to him). he is also god of the skies. he is also god of destiny and Xenia (supliency) as we can see from "The Odyssey, Homer".

HERA: Hera was the sister and wife of Zeus, yet they hated each other, because of all of zues' countless affairs. she was a very spiteful and malicious character as we can see in mythology where she throws Hephaestus off mount Olympus because he was ugly. she was goddess of marriage and women, though this is ironic as she hated her marriage and did things to the women which Zeus had affairs with. she is often seen with peacocks as they drew her chariot.

POSEIDON: Poseidon was the brother of Zeus and he was known for his bad temper and anger issues. we can see this frequently in "The Odyssey, Homer" where he goes out of his way to make Odysseus' life hard, after he blinded Poseidon's son, Polyphemus, the cyclops. Sailors worship Poseidon the most as he is god of the sea and sacrifices were made to him on…


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