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Margarita Myskovets23.09.12

What do we learn about the rules of Supplication and
Xenia from Homer's Odyssey and the consequences of
disobeying them?
Following the proper rules of supplication and xenia was vital in the civilized society
of ancient Greece. Through his works Homer teaches many lessons about what is

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Margarita Myskovets23.09.12

thoughtful and courteous character at times and so the assumption can be made that
he did the correct thing when he did not hug the young girl's knees. From this we
learn that similarly to xenia the rules of supplication are very flexible. As a person
might do…

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Margarita Myskovets23.09.12

Zeus is the champion of suppliants and guests... guests are sacred to him, and he goes
alongside them" the fear of disobeying Zeus would have made any sane man consider
his actions twice but the `cruel brute' `cares nothing for Zeus with his aegis'. The
Cyclops completely goes…




2nd paragraph it is not circe but calypso

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