Bolshevik Consolidation of Power

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- no private ownership of land
- any privately owned land would be confiscated, including grounds of the nobility, and land could not be sold, leased or mortgaged
- everything is under the state

APPEASED Social Revolutionaries, peasants, peasant soldiers
DISPLEASED Tsarists, liberals, upper-class 

- Lenin promised to end food shortages in the city
- He’d send the Cheka in to collect excess grain from peasants, which was then brought in to feed the city

APPEASED any city-dwellers, factory workers
DISPLEASED Social Revolutionaries, peasants, peasant soldiers

The Cheka
- This was kind of like the Bolshevik police, who came in to peasant land and seized excess grain from those who hid it; they'd also torture deserters and dissidents
- Punishments included beating and sometimes, killing; the Cheka were ruthless. 

APPEASED nobody, really
DISPLEASED Social Revolutionaries, peasants, soldiers especially 

Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
- Lenin promised to end the war so that Russia could


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