Biopsychology- The Nervous system


The Nervous system

The nervous system is a specialised network of cells in the human body. It is our primary internal communication system. It is divided into two sub-systems: the Central nervous system and the peripheral nervous sytem

The Central nervous system:

  • This consists of the brain and the spinal cord. There are many parts to the brain, some more primitive and concerned with vital functioning. Other parts, such as the cerebral cortex are involved in higher order processes such as problem solving and forward planning
  • The spinal cord transfers messages to and from the brain. It is also involved in reflex actions such as the startle response

The Peripheral nervous system

  • The PNS extends beyond the CNS and transmits messages via millions of neurons to the whole body from the brain to the rest of the body abd from the body back to the brain. It has two divisions:
    • The somatic system transmits info from…


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