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  • The nervous system.
    • Key features of the nervous system.
      • Specialised network of cells.
      • Primary communication system.
      • Functions
        • Collect, process & respond to info in environment.
        • Coordinate working of different organs and cells in body.
      • Divided into central nervous system and peripheral nervous system.
    • Structure and function of the central nervous system.
      • Brain and spinal cord.
      • Brain = centre of all concious awareness.
        • Cerebral cortex, outer layer, highly developed and distinguishes higher mental functions from animals.
      • Spinal cord = extension from brain and responsible for reflex actions.
        • Passes messages to and from brain &connects nerves to peripheral nervous system.
    • Structure and function of the peripheral nervous system.
      • Transmits messages, via neurons to and from nervous system.
      • Sub-divided: autonomic nervous system and somatic nervous system.
        • Autonomic nervous system governs vital functions e.g. breathing.
        • Somatic nervous system controls muscle movement and recieves info from sensory receptors.


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