Biopsychology R1

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PSY 236
Biopsychology L1 
Revision lecture

It's the interaction between our brains and the environment that we're looking at, which is eprformed due to the chemistry in our brain cells. When this chemistry is imbalanced that's when we have mental disorders and we can then fix it. 

Interesting jobs, neuroscientist and pharmacology. Or a neuropsychologist they assess people with traumatic brain injury and then they know what that region of the brain is associated with. Biopsychology is also important if you're a social worker, a counsellor. As you might have to understand how those drugs are working in order to understand your clients position. 

Biopsychology is also known as behavioural neuroscience. 
Brain regions: neuroanatomy 
Communication: neurotransmission

What is learning? 
How behaviour is altered by experience. 

What are genes? 
Genes are DNA, and the sequence or string of that is a gene. We need genes to manufature proteins that are imporatnt for our body. Our genes are stores in Chromosomes, all of our DNA sits within the nucelus. The thread of the wool…


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