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Respiration ♥

The equation for respiration♥


That is the most important thing you can know in this topic ♥

You absorb digested foods such as glucose to your blood, and your blood transports it to all the cells in your body. All cells use food to grow, and to make energy. We use energy for things such as moving, growing and breathing.

Glucose supplies your body with energy, because it is like sugar. Glucose is like fuel for your body. Your body also uses oxygen to release energy. Chemical reactions in your cells release the energy in your cells with the help of oxygen. This is called respiration. Respiration takes place in every single cell in your body. Usually, the oxygen in the air helps you respire, and this is called, aerobic respiration.


Oxygen from your lungs + glucose from your digestive system-> Carried in the blood-> ENERGY ♥

All of your cells use oxygen to release energy from glucose. You breathe oxygen in and out of your lungs. Some of the oxygen is passed on to you blood, which then takes the oxygen to your tissues.

The lungs♥

The lung is made up of millions of tiny air sacs called alveoli. Alveoli give the lungs a spongy feel and a very large surface area. Gas exchange occurs between the alveoli and the red blood cells in your blood. This allows gases to pass quickly between the blood and the lungs (alveoli). Substances pass in and out of the cells by diffusion. Oxygen and glucose diffuse into your cells and carbon dioxide diffuses out of your cells. When substances pass from where they are in high concentration to where they are in low concentration.

Circulation ♥

Some of the oxygen from the air in your lungs diffuses into your blood which becomes oxygenated. the oxygenated blood then transports te oxygen into your tissues , then into your cells. The cells pass out carbon dioxide to the blood by diffusion and then trasnports the deoxygenated blood back to the lungs.

♥ Red blood cells are red because they are filled with a protein called HAEMOGLOBIN ♥

Red blood cells ♥

♥Have no nucleus, so the cell can pack in the haemoglobin.

♥Haemoglobin is a very large protein that binds oxygen molecules to it.

♥Red blood cells are CONCAVE to increase the surface area.

♥♥The Heart♥♥

♥The heart is an extremely powerful muscle that pumps blood all around the body♥

♥The top right side of the heart is called the LEFT ATRIUM

♥The bottom right side is called the LEFT VENTRICLE

♥The top left side is called the RIGHT ATRIUM

♥The bottom left side is called the RIGHT VENTRICLE

The blood coming into the right atrium is coming from your body, so it is deoxygenated after a long trip. the blood is pushed into the right ventricle, where the blood is sent to the lungs, to be oxygenated. On the left…


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