biology additional science revision


cells, tissues and organs

animal and plant cells:

animal cells- structure and function 

nucleus- controls activities of the cell. contains the genes on the chromosomes. carries infomation of new cells and organisms. 

cytoplasm-a liquid gel that most of the chemical reactions are need for life to take place.

cell membrane-controles passage of substances in and out of cell.

mitochondria- structures in the cytoplasm where oxygen used and most energy is released during respiration

ribosomes- where protien synthesis takes place. all the proteins needed in the cell are made. 

plant cells- structure and function 

all plant and algal cells have:

a cell wall made of cellulose  (strengthens and gives support)

chloroplasts are found in all the green parts of the plants. theyre green because they contain the green substance chlorophyll. the chlorophyll absorbs light energy to make food by photosynthesis. root cells…


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