Biology 15.2 Courtship Behaviour

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Similarities and differences can be used to establish evolutionary relationships.

Differences between members of the same species are fewer than differences between members of different species.

The same is true of behaviour - behaviour of members of the same species is more alike than that of members of different species.

Like physical and chemical features of a species, behaviour is genetically determined and has evolved - influences chance of survival.

Why is courtship behaviour necessary?

Reproduction is important to all organisms for survival.

Each individual tries to ensure their DNA is passed onto the next generation and females of most species only produce eggs at specific times.

Therefore it is important to ensure mating is successful and offspring have maximum chance of survival.

Courtship allows animals to:

  • Recognise members of their own species - ensure that mating only takes place between members of the same species to produce fertile offspring.
  • Identify a…


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