Biology - Variety of Life and Classification

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The Variety of Life and Classification  - IGCSE Biology Revision

Main features and processes for living organisms

- Movement

- Organisms respire

- Organisms control their internal conditions

- Organisms excrete waste

- Organisms respond to the environment (E.g. Prey running away from predator or the reflex arc)

- Organisms reproduce

- Organisms require nutrition

- Organisms grow

Classification of different organisms

Animals - Cell Structure

  • Cell Membrane (A layer controlling the transport of substances in and out of the cell. Partially permeable.)
  • Cytoplasm (A complex material)
  • Mitochonddria (Carrying out aerobic respiration and releasing energy, the place where most of the cell's ATP is being made)
  • ATP (adenosine triohosphate) (Chemical present in all cells. ATP is made by respiration and used by any…


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