Biological Therapies for Schizophrenia.

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Commonly used neuroleptic drugs are Thorazine, Prolixin and Haldol.

They block activity of dopamine, this is important in therapy.

It could take several weeks before symptoms reduce. The strongest effects are seen within the first 6 months. There can be problems if they are stopped being taken.


Schizophrenic patients taking neuroleptic drugs for 5 years. A group switched to a placebo.

75% in the placebo group relapsed. 33% in the neuroleptic group relapsed.

There are ethical issues in this study with taking people off their medication without full consent.


Clorazil, risperdal, zyprexa.

These block dopamine activity and effect levels of serotonin.

They have fewer side effects.

They benefit 85% of patients. 20% more than neuroleptic drugs.

Useful in treatment of negative symptoms.


Drug therapy is more effective than other treatments.

Reduces symptoms quicker than psychological treatments.

Allows patients to live normal lives.

Drugs must be taken for years.

Neuroleptics are not effective for the treatment…


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