Describe and evaluate family dysfunction as an explanation for schizophrenia

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  • The family dysfunction explanation is an explanation that sees maladaptive relationships and patterns of communication as a source of stress which influences the development of schizophrenia 
  • Parents of schizophrenics often display three types of dysfunctional characteristics including high levels of interpersonal confict, difficulty communicating and being excessively critical and controlling 
  • Bateson proposed the theory of double bind which involves children recieving contradictory situations where a verbal message is given but the opposite behaviour is exhibited 
  • The idea of double bind causes children to be confused which leads to social withdraw and the flat effect which can hep to explain the negative symptoms of schizophrenia
  • Expressed emotion is another theory within family dysfunction which involves parents being highly critical and hostile of their children, which causes children to be stressed, which can explain the positive symptoms of schizophrenia
  • These positive symptoms such as hallucinations and


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