Atomic structure AS Chemistry


at GCSE we think that shells can hold certain numbers of electrons with the first having 2 and from then on having 8 in each shell

At AS we look at quantum shells in more detail splitting them up further in to orbitals

there are s,p,d and f sub shells

  • s has one orbital, for 2 electrons
  • p has three orbitals for 6 electrons
  • d has 5 orbitals for 10 electrons
  • f has 7 orbitals for 14 electrons

electrons in the same orbital had different spins so they don't collide

the order of the orbitals is 

1s,2s,2p, 3s,3p,4s,3d,4p,5s and this is only the first few ( here they are written lowest energy to highest energy)

as an example of how you would write an element's…




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