'At best a qualified success'. Assess validity of this view with reference to the social policy of the Attlee administrations.


Socialist Aspects

  • Nationalisation of: Railways (1948), Bank of England (1946), Iron and Steel Industries (1949), Coal (1947), Civil Aviation (1946) and Road Haulage (1947)
  • 1949 Parliament Act- Lords can only delay HOC's bills by 1 year (not 2)
  • Trades Disputes Act (1946)- Political Levy re-established (reversed Baldwin's 1927 Act)
  • Tackled 5 societal ills in the Beveridge Report of 1942:

1) Want

  • 1945 Family Allowances, 5s per week for second and subsequent children (not means tested)
  • 1946 National Insurance Act- Weekly contributions by the workers in


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