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Reasons for the increase in Divorce:

  • Change in law
  • Decline in Stigma and changing attitudes
  • Secularisation
  • Increase expectations of marriage
  • Change in position of women

1.Change in Law

  • Equalising the grounds for divorce
  • Widening the grounds for divorce
  • Divorce is cheaper

Other Solutions include:

  • Desertions - but still married
  • Legal Seperation - of money
  • 'Empty Shell' marriage - live under same roof but married in name

2.Decline in Stigma

  • Churches tended to condemn divorce
  • Mitchell and Goody (1997) - important chance since 1960 as a decrease in stigma attached to divorce. They are more willing to look at divorce now as it is common so reduces stigma.


  • less likely to be influenced by




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