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Family types

Nuclear family

2 generations - parents and children

Traditional nuclear family - male - breadwinner, instrumental role

- female - carer and carrys out most housework, expressive role, but may also have a part-time job

Single parents

(1) Divorce

(2) choice - teenage mums, career women

(3) Breakdown - cohabiting/comman law families

custody normally given to women, so family lead by women, matriarchal

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Step families/reconstuted

One or both partners are bringing children from a previous relationship to the new family

Extended family

3/4 generations - virtually extended, longer life expectancy

Horizontally extended - aunts, great aunts, cousins

Cohabiting/comman law families

much more socially acceptable, do not want commitment

not a high emphasis on marriage

use joint names when have a child

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