AQA GCSE English Literature - Moon on The Tides (Character & Voice) - Medusa by Carol Ann Duffy

Medusa by  Carol Ann Duffy  

The woman in this poem has been betrayed by her husband and is seeking his attention. She wants control over him and wants to show him how in control she still is. Written by poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy, the poem explores the true emotions of women in society and in relationships.  

Carol Ann Duffy is a poet laureate who is strongly influenced by great poetic figures, she often writes controversial poems that explore issues in society, seeing as we are now part of a more accepting society. Often exploring women in society, she likes to use the voice of an outsider and often writes in everyday English to make poetry more accessible to everyone. Medusa is one of the three gorgon sisters and after having an affair with one of the gods she had a curse placed on her that made her hair turn into snakes and she could


Paul Dutton


Some great notes on this poem, useful for some quick revision.