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Sophie Nicholls

Carol Ann Duffy Poems
Duffy waiting for an answer from another person.
Love poem in which she is trying to convey her feelings
for another person
Called `Answer' so needs to be implied question ­
seems to be will you still love me, will you marry me…

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Sophie Nicholls

Dramatic monologue about how Duffy visited a school
to speak about poetry and the head of English was
really rude to her
Structure is ordered suggests the
discipline and order imposed on
"A real live poet" immediately
Imperative verbs ­ show controlling attitude
"Now sit up…

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Sophie Nicholls

Old fashioned "frock" "from Oxfam"
Tension between male and female
Mind over matter "but she could stare
them out"
Repitition "Of course, a job; of course..."
Holophrastic sentence
Duffy suggests similarity "she lived lie you do"
Evident conversation ­ italics indicate direct speech
Euphemism ­ "She…

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Sophie Nicholls

It is a dramatic monologue
Starts and ends with a rhetorical
Language is plain ordinary and
First Person
Random rhyme
Simile "a mate as cold as the slice of ice"
Holophrasitc phrases ­ blunt "Again. Again."
Caesura ­ grammatical pause within the middle of line

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Sophie Nicholls

"Finally alone" more comfortable in own company
"Spools of suffering set out" sibilance
Happening all across the world "Belfast. Beirut. Phnom
Caesura - slows pace ­ ongoing
Stanza form is unchanging suggests despite
photographers efforts nothing will change
Vivid, disturbing images
"Something is happening" image is developing…


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