AQA GCSE Biology Unit 1- Summary notes

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Diet and Exercise


Healthy body = balanced diet + regular exercise

Healthy diet

  • right balance of food intake and the amount of energy.
  • Nutrient groups: 

-Carbohydrates 4 energy and cell structures

-Fat 4 energy, Insulation and cell structures

-Protein 2 control cell reactions (as enzymes) and build cell structures

-Vitamins and minerals - bodies - function well.


  • malnourished = unbalanced diet
  • = Person - overweight/ underweight
  • Unbalanced diet -> diseases
  • lack of nutrients = deficiency diseases
  • Excess food intake of high energy foods = type 2 diabetes

-disease -> person -> unable to control blood

sugar levels

-dangerous -> person -> carefully control their diet and monitor their blood sugar levels regularly.

Slimming programmes

  • Person -> gains mass -> energy content of food intake is more than the amount of energy expended


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