AQA Chemistry Chemical Equations


Chemical Equations

One way to show a chemical reaction is to write a word equation. Word equations show the names of the chemicals that are reacting and being produced. Methane reacts with Oxygen to make Carbon Dioxide and Water. Methane + Oxygen --- Carbon Dioxde + Water. Methane and Oxygen are the reactants (because they react with each other) and Carbon Dioxide + Water are the products (produce from the reactants).

Chemical reactions can be shown using symbol equation. Symbol equation just show the symbols or formulas of the reactants and products. Magnesium + Oxygen --- Magnesium Oxide = 2Mg +O2 (small two) ---- 2MgO

There must always be the same number or atoms on both sides they can't just disappear. You balance the equation by putting nimbers in front of the formulas. Take this equation for…


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