AO3 Comments on The Tempest

John Dryden (1679) - 'Whether or not his (Caliban's) generation can be defended, I leave to philosophy...'

Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1811) - 'The highest and lowest characters are brought together, and with what excellence!'

Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1811) - ''Caliban is in some respects a noble being: the poet has raised him far above contempt...'

James Rusell Lovell (1870) - '... it in the soul of man, that still vexed island hung between upper and the nether world, and liable to incursions from both'.

James Rusell Lovell (1870) - 'The whole play, indeed is a succession of illusions...' 

Sidney Lanier (1880) - '... in The Tempest period, man is master of the universe. And - what is here essential - this masterhood of Nature is accompanied by a supreme moral goodness to fellow-man'.

Richard G Moulton (1888) - '... the gift…


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