Nazi Persecution and Policies

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Hitler's Racial Hierarchy

1) Aryan (Nordic) - the master race.

2) Caucasian (British)

3) Black & Asian

4) Jews, Roma, Gypsys.

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Nazi Persecution

Why were they persecuted - Used as scapegoats for Germany's problems. Racially considered to be at the bottom of the hierarchy. History of anti-semitism in Europe.
How were they persecuted - They were banned from certain jobs, they were banned from local services and eventually they were taken to concentration camps.

Mentally and Physically Disabled
Why were they persecuted - Believed to be a be a burden of society. They were seen to be stopping Hitler from achieving his master race.
How were they persecuted - The T4 euthanasia programme was introduced. From 1939-1945 5000 mentally ill and handicapped people were killed.

Why were they persecuted - Part of a social catagory that existed in Germany and got in the way of Hitler's aims of repopulation.
How were they persecuted - Many sent to concentration camps. Forced sterilisation as Hitler wanted to 'stop the spread' of homosexuality.

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Nazi Persecution Cont...

Beggers, Tramps and Alcoholics
Why were they persecuted - He felt these people were work shy and did not support his ideas of working together for a strong Germany.
How were they persecuted - Hitler pursued a policy of forced sterilisation. He did not want any of these 'social' diseases being spread through children.

Why were they persecuted - Hitler felt they were racially inferior to the Aryans. Often with Slavic heritage. They were a threat to Hitler's master race.
How were they persecuted - Five out of every six German living Gypsies were killed by the Nazis from 1939.

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Nazi Policies and Opinions


  • Had to buy flats and settle down permanently.
  • Germany had 45,000 gypsies.
  • Very richly cultured groups.
  • Hitler believed they were unhygienic and antisocial nuisances and 'beggers'.


  • Persecution became a policy.
  • Government encouraged boycotting Jewish shops.
  • Explosion of hatred.
  • Forced to leave jobs.

Diabled People

  • Claimed too much money spent on disabled people.
  • People protested against it.
  • Killed about 60 at a time with gas - mass murder.
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