Answering Shakespeare Questions Part 2.


If you're writing an answer to a Shakespeare question then there are a few basic points that'll help you with it.

Watch your Paragraphs, Sentences and Spelling.

It's no good understanding the play if you don't write well. Here are some tips on making your essays as clear as possible:

1) Think about what you want to say, and make sure your sentences are good and clear.

2) Every time you make a new point, start a new paragraph (See my notes on paragraphs).

3) Link your points together well. Use phrases like "Another way that Shakespeare creates tension is..."

4) Take care with those spellings.

Don't forget to Quote.

To do well with Shakespeare questions you have to quote. Remember, the whole purpose of quoting is to back up a point you've made - so make sure you always give an explanation.


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