Ancient Egyptians

                                                      Egyptian Medicine 

Egyptians compared to prehistoric people 

  • Prehistoric people were Nomadic were as the Egyptian were settlers 
  • However both belived in a spirit world 
  • Egyptian also lived in a iron age unlike the prehistoric who crated tools out of wood and stone 
  • The eyptians also had written evidnce 
  • aswell as this the Egyptians were farmers compared to the prehistoric people who hunted 
  • The egyptians lived in a country and had hiertical societ 
  • this consist of a phraro at the top and peasents at the bottom 

The River Nile

  • The nile gave drinking water which allowed the egyptians time to do other things instead of searching for water 
  • It also flooded once every year which made land fertile to plant crops  

Jobs of the Egyptians 

  • Lawyers
  • Scribes 
  • Priests 
  • Painters 
  • Traders 
  • Doctors 
  • Egyptian Religion 
  • The Egyptians belived in many Gods aswell as as a spirit world 
  • They belived these Gods caused and helped treating dieases  
  • Examples are 
  • Thoth:Gives physians skill to cure 
  • Sekmehd: Caused and cured dieases 

Egyptians and The Body  

  • Anoatomy is the term for the structure of the body 
  • Physiolgy was the term used to describe how the body worked 
  • In the time of the Egyptians there were laws agiast disecting the body
  • Even organs removed had to be buried with the body
  • they belived when a person died they would go to a Afterlife along with all there valubels 
  • Therefore they belived the body must…


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