Analysis of Stage Directions

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Act 1

  • 'The lighting should be pink and intimate until the Inspector arrives, and then it should be brighter and harder' - the pink represents how good their life is now and happy. The brighter and harder lighting is to show a change in atmosphere and the brightness is to try reveal all their secrets, in theory. It could also suggest that the spotlight is on them now.
  • 'A prosperous manufacturer' - capitalist, makes  his money off of the lower, working class
  • 'His wife... a rather cold women and her husband's social superior' - she is of a higher social class than her husband and is hard faced as inferred, so she must be of or acting of a higher class.
  • 'The general effect is substantial and heavily comfortable, but not cosy and homelike' - the effect is to show they are from a more prosperous family where function is seen as more important than a homely feeling. They want to portray their high class in their homes appearance.
  • 'rather provincial in his speech' - trying to sound high class but can't get rid of his old accent which means he is only recently rich,


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