Inspector Calls Revision Notes

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Act one:

Stage directions: "The lighting should be pink and intimate until the Inspector arrives,and then it should be lighter and harder."

Interpretation:The Birlings enjoy a lifestyle conducted away from the prying eyes of society.When the inspector arrives,his aim is to shine a light on their behaviour.

Techniques:Stage directions,symbolism,language.


  • The lighting is symbolic of how the Birlings live their lives,and what the Inspector's role is in the play.
  • 'Pink' suggests noth a luxurious  lifestyle and a gentle,comfortable way of livimh.The Iinspector brings a 'brighter' light that foreshadows the fact that he intends to shine a light on the way they behave.
  • 'Intimate' has associations with a close knit family (or the closed ranks of the upper class).The Inspector plans to expose this with a 'harder' light.

Birling:"Lady Croft-while she doesnt object to my girl-feels you might have done better for yourself socially."

Interpretation:Birling makes clear he knows that lady Croft feels the Birlings are beneath them socially-to their generation,marriage is about social status,not love.

Techniques:Sentence structure,language.


  • Birling refers to Shiela as my "my girl".It may be that this is said with a sense of pride,but the tone seems to be one of ownership rather than l ove.
  • The phrase "done better" makes marriage seem like competition Gerald


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