Piaget's Development Theory


Cognitive Development

  • Cognitive development refers to how we (specifically as children) develop our cognitive ability involving:
  • Memory, language, problem solving (thinking), perceptiono and attention.
  • Piaget developed a stage theory of cognitive development and he suggeested that children 4 stages in a fixed order.
  • Each stage is associated with a particular age group.
  • Pagiet used the term operations to refer to how we reason.
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Stage 1 - Sensorimotor Stage

  • Age group: Birth to 2 years.
  • How do Children learn at this stage?

By linking what they see, hear, touch, taste or smell to objects they are using.

  • What is a lack of object permanence?

A lack of knowing that something exists even if it is out of sight.

  • What happens by the end of this stage?

The child has a sense of themselves as seperately from the world around them.

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