American Reconstruction


Reconstruction Under Lincoln

Lincoln faced several problems after the Civil War. These include:

  • How to treat the Southern states. More radical Republicans wanted to impose a much harsher settlement on the South.
  • What to do with the thousands of ex-slaves, Radical Republicans wanted them to have the same rights as white Americans, especially the right to vote. It may have been for selfish reasons such as the vote of the African-Americans in the south. Lincoln supported the idea of colonising the ex-slaves but was proved impractical as most refused to participate.
  • Who would decide the policy of reconstruction? Congress or the President? Lincoln felt it was his role but this led to conflct with congress.

In April 1864, Lincoln introduced the ten percent plan which stated the rebel slaves would be admitted back into the union if they agreed that ten percent of their electoral votes would agree to an oath of future alliance to the USA and that they supported all existing acxts…


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