Advantages and disadvantages of the EU

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Advantages of the EU:

  • The EU aims to protect the environment. There are rules and waste disposal, CO2 emissions, water cleanliness, etc.
  • The EU promotes democracy and human rights. New member countries have to agree to abide by democratic principles in their governments, and they have to protect human rights in the way that all people, including criminals and opposition groups, are treated.
  • The EU helps poorer countries and regions in Europe by providing the money for regeneration and job creation. 
  • The EU can be a force for good in the rest of the world and has more power than the separate countries acting alone.
  • The EU provides a huge market for companies within the area to trade in. There are no barriers to trade, no taxes or restrictions, and people have greater choices.
  • The EU provides security for its members. After the two devastating world wars of the 20th Century, the EU has ensured that no European countries will fight each other again.
  • EU regulations make sure that goods and service produced in the member countries have to meet certain standards of quality and safety. This is good for consumers and also for the people who make the products.
  • All citizens of countries within the EU have







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