Act 4 Scene 3

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  • Phebe writes to Ganymede (Rosalind) that she loves him even though (s)he has insulted her. However Roaslind believes the letter is from Silvius.

Analytical Questions (PEAL):

1. What does Rosalind think of Silvius?

Rosalind thinks that Silvius has written the letter becuase she thinks it 'is a man's invention and his hand'. When she understands however that this is infact Phebe, she accuses her for 'railing'. When Silvius then leaves she explains to Celia that 'he deserves no pity' because he loves a woman doesn't deserve to be loved so he can only blame himself. She also thinks that he is being used as an 'instrument' and Phebe is 'play[ing] false strains upon thee…


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