Act by Act timeline of King Lear

i personally keep getting confussed about what scene went where so i have created a step by step timeline of the events in each act




act one, scene one

act one, scene two

act one, scene three

act one, scene four

act one, scene five

act two scene one

act two, scene two

act two, scene three

act two, scene four

act three, scene one

act three, scene two

act three, scene three

act three, scene four

act three, scene five

act three, scene six

act three, scene seven

act four, scene one

act four, scene two

act four, scene three

act four, scene four

act four, scene five

act four, scene six

act five, scene one

act five, scene two

act five, scene three


henrik larsson


yo kant spel for nufink mayt