A2 Travel & Tourism - Case Study: Majorca

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Here are some key notes I made whilst watching a video on the impacts of tourism in Majorca:

  • main interests for tourist = beaches, clubbing, largely materialistic and not aware of the culture
  • has been described as the package holiday capital of Europe
  • climate appeal
  • extremely busy with 11 million visiting each year
  • population of only 700,000
  • too much concrete - developments of buildings, houses, villas etc. show no consideration for the environment e.g. coastlines
  • common problem of traffic jams and congestion, enhanced by lack of public transport and availability of cheap car rentals
  • the amount of waste build up increases by 10-15% each year
  • shortage of water supplies - is imported from the mainland
  • it has the highest rate of car ownership per person
  • increase in demand for new houses
  • 250,000 Germans planning to buy second houses
  • property prices have increased by 30% making it hard for locals to purchase property
  • large number of developments have been made using black money (unauthorized)
  • there are clear hostile feelings between locals and tourists
  • 30,000 foreign residents living here permanently - not all of them feel isolated by the host population
  • 85% of income is through tourism - extremely highly dependent
  • tourism has destroyed farming and agricultural labour which used to be the main source of income
  • 2& of their GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is accounted for through culture
  • there is a lack of economic…


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