A level RS revision arguments from observation


Natural theology: drawing conclusions from observation and reason of this world

Key quote - Romans 1:19-20, (https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Romans+1%3A19-20&version=ESV), says that everything we need to know about God can be clearly seen so there is no excuse

By looking at this world we can see the attributes of God, we don't need anything else

The telelogical argument for the existence of God

- these arguments look at the end results, the world and draw conclusions

Aqunias design argument

(this was his 5th way)

He argued that nature seemed to have such an order that couldnt come about by chance he used the analogy of an archer, the arrow shoots towards its target (the end goal) but the archer (God) is the one that directs us to that end

Paley and his design argument

The watch analogy, if you found a watch in a field you would assume it has a design as it is so complex



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