9 Reasons Why You did not get Elected


It was thought very noble to join a political office in history. Many people who were tired of their civil jobs, wants to change their life style and they think that it can only be changed by persuasive essay or joining a political office. People, who are working in any political office, were considered as civilized and noble. But you intensions matter, when you run for any political office. Some of these reasons are discussed here:

1. You got frustrated

If you are the only candidate for any specific office job and no one is there to accept that job, then simply run away. The other choice for you is that simply stay there and enjoy your job.

2. Maitain your status

You have to take care of every activity that you perform in politics. If you are in local politics, then it is important for you to come forward and manage your tasks. But if you are in business level communication or handling large parties, then you have to control the local politics by sitting in your office. It is necessary for you to take good care of the fact of being called corrupt by other people.

3. You are best for job

When you feel that you are the best person to handle any…


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