1.1 Atomic structure: The Atom (new spec)


The Atom:

The atoms are made up of electrons, protons and neutrons. All of these are subatomic particles, the mass and charge of them are really small so we use the relative mass and charge. 


They move around the nucleus in orbitals, these fill up most of the volume within the atom. Realtive mass = 1/2000 and relative charge = -1.


The proton is in the nucleus of the atom, the proton contributes to the mass of the atom (proton +neutron = mass). Relative mass = 1 , Realtive charge = +1.


The neutrons is in the middle of the atom which is a nucleus. The neutron also contributes to the mass of the atom (neutron+ protnon = mass). Realtive mass = 1, Realtive charge = 0.


The nucleus diameter…


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