Womens Suffrage


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Working Class Women

 26.3% in 1852

Domestic Service (largest)

Mines until 1842


Unmarried women lived with father or brothers. Working class women had to work for money,  their role was in supporting the upper class and middle class to be 'angels'.

1860- all property was the husbands and they had automatic custody of children.

Caroline Norton campaigned against this. 1839 Bill successfully passed.




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1839 - Custody of Children Act. Caroline Norton.

Under 7s if Lord Chancellor agreed.

1857 - Divorce and Matrimonial Causes Act. Caroline Norton. 

Allowed divorce through the law courts, women had to prove adultery and ****, bigamy etc.  Man accuse adultery. Maintenance. Inherit property as single woman.

1870 - Married Women's Property. Barbara Leigh Smith.

Women could keep £200, second act extended this and women could keep all money brought into marriage.


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Timeline Cont.

1884 - Matrimonial Causes Act. Caroline Norton.

husband couldn't lock his wife up for refusing sex.

1886 - CDA repealed. Josephine Butler.

Acts in 1864,1866, 1869.

1891 - Jackson Case

gave courts example to follow, 1857 and 1884 matrimonial causes acts.

meant physical control not absolute.

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