progress towards suffrage before 1903

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  • progress towards suffrage before 1903
    • 1869- single women rate payers got the vote in municipal elections
      • 1870- single women got the vote in elections to new school boards
    • 1894- local government gave women the right to sit on local councils
    • by 1900 there were around 1000 female elected Poor Law Guardians
      • this included Mrs Pankhurst
    • women began to establish themselves in universities
      • and in professions such as medicine and law
    • the development of new technology provided women with a whole new range of work
      • such as typing pools, offices, telephone exchanges, elementary schools and department stores
    • women's suffrage was the topic of many of many newspapers and magazines
    • 200,000 signatures a year were collected in support of women's suffrage from 1870 to 1880
    • speakers such as, Lydia Becker and Helen Taylor addressed meetings all over the country
    • Richard Pankhurst attempted to introduce the first Women's Suffrage Bill in 1870
      • the subject was debated in the House of Commons 18 times between 1870 and 1904
        • every vote was in favour but in was never allowed to become a law
    • this was because every bill that was raised was brought by an MP not a political party
      • a private member's bill
    • the liberal Prime Minister Gladstone and his government did not support the bills and therefore every bill was rejected before it could become a law


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