Women and family in Nazi Germany


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The Ideal women

The Nazis wanted mothers the ideal woman stayed at home and cared for the family, this was based on the three Ks Kinder, Kirches and kuche.

The ideal women was blonde, blueyed and heavy hipped.

She would wear long skirts, flat shoes and no makeup.

She would cook using leftovers.

Dressed using homeproduce (an alternative to foreign fabric) and would bring their children up as loyal Nazis.

This was to achieve the family as the main social unit for Nazi ideas and population growth.

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They indroduced rewards for mothers such as the honur cross.

They increased child subsidies, loans and family allowances to stay at home.

Abortion, contraception and birth control clinics were banned.

Family was only applied to households with more than 4 children.

Women were excluded from jobs (civil servants, dotctors, judges, lecturers)

There was a propganda campaign to stop women smoking, slimming and to encourage sport.

In 1938 a man could divorce his wife if she was infertile.

There was the lebensborn program where women could donate a baby by a ** officer.

Birth rate increases by 30 percent from 1933-36

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Some women agreed and may have been pleased with their new status.

Others were resentful as they had no choice, some joined opposition or protested, as they believed women wouold remain unfarfilled, derrived of vital experience and that women had talentsof particular employment.

many women were beeter off as they were richer and safer

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The effect of the war

even before war labour shortage so compulsory duty year for women, bed and board but no money.

many did not like working in factories

unhappy in war because expected to work and have children whether married or not.

In 1943 all women from 17-45, expect those with small children were called up to work.

many got pregnant or faked ilness to avoid this

This is example of contradictive Nazi policies

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