Reasons for nazi success 1929-33

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  • Reasons for Nazi success 1929 - 1933
    • Support from Women - The Nazis built support from some women with messages of the key roles of women and family in Germany's future
    • Fermers - The Nazis promised to protect farmers from communists
    • Big business - The Nazis promised strong leadership and protection from communists. In return the Nazis gained the suport of big businesses
    • Middle - class support - They were hard hit by the great depression. They liked the nazi's anticommunist message
    • SOME working class support - the working class was the biggest group of voters. Sadly most workers supported communism
    • SA as private army - Stronger than communists
    • Great Depression - Nazis offered hope and strong leadership
    • Strong propoganda - Hitlers perosnal appeal and publicity gave a clear message. Scrapping the ToV. German Expansion and Anti - Jews


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