Woman's Realm Language (15 marker)


  • use of formal register
  • evident in valentines day article (the fourteenth of February)
  • technique used to appeal to literate/ educated women 
  • suggests audience are of a middle/higher class background.
  • growth in number of people travelling abroad
  • evident in Australian sultanas advert
  • technique of persuasion used to advertise product yet appeals to and persuades women with the desire to travel abroad
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  • use of muted tones
  • evident on front cover 
  • technique used to highlight cover models beauty and wholesomeness
  • encourages women to aspire to be like her in terms of looks
  • reflection of largely domestic female concerns
  • evident on cover lines (children, home, love) 
  • technique used to draw in attention as they are interests of the reader 
  • persuades reader to buy magazine 
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  • woman's lifestyle magazine 
  • evident in title which says "woman's home"
  • barthes semiotic codes of symbolism of the word realm 
  • suggests preferred reading that magazine appeals to 1950s housewife. 
  • targets women who have domestic household roles 
  • evident in cover line about 48-page homemaking article 
  • connotations that symbolise homemaking and soft furnishings suggest magazine appeals directly to 1950s housewife. 
  • the need to gain male approval 
  • evident in agony aunt article 
  • barthes semiotics- connotations  
  • suggests women are expected to marry a man and appeals to heterosexual women
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  • appeals to heterosexual women who are married with children
  • evident in Sunday cook article - image shows woman cooking Sunday lunch for husband and children
  • Barthes semiotic codes - connotations - symbolism of housewife 
  • suggests magazine appeals to a domestic housewife, married with children or women who aspire to be like that
  • interests assumed with family, home, health, relationships and romance 
  • evident in agony aunt questions asked by readers 
  • Barthes semiotics- connotations- symbolism of expectations of women and their aspirations 
  • suggests reader is expected to behave in a certain way e.g. should get married, be able to cook, look after their children, keep the home clean & tidy 
  • advertisements appeal to women with their own money
  • evident in gor-ray advert for skirt tailors 
  • levi-Strauss structuralism- binary opposites- women have their own money to spend
  • reflects changes in society post-war suggests women are becoming more independent 
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