Wider Reading Poetry, Drama and Prose

Quotes and Themes for the wider reading poetry, drama and prose to help you remember them in the exam.


Theme: Immigrant Outsider

The Fat Black Woman Goes Shopping, Grace Nichols (Poetry): "and de weather so cold", "curses in Swahili/Yoruba"

Three Black Males, Benjamin Zephaniah (Poetry): "For we have no human rights"

Small Island, Andrea Levy (Prose): "Mother Country", "How come England did not know me?", "a stinking, cantankerous hag", "no irish, no coloureds, no dogs"

Child of the Divide, Sudha Bhuchar (Drama): "In my food chain there's like me at the top...and right at the bottom is Hindus like you"

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Racism/ Prejudice

Three Black Males, Benjamin Zephaniah (Poetry): "For we have no human rights", "So the system just rolls on"

What Stephen Lawrence Has Taught Us, Benjamin Zephaniah (Poetry): "the road to liberty is as long as the road from slavery"

Small Island, Andrea Levy (Prose): "That NHS- it's pulling them in" he complains. "With all the free dental work and opthalmic attention on offer, it's no wonder the streets are full of darkies", "****** lover"

I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, Maya Angelou (Prose): "A light shade had been pulled down between the black community and all things white", "I'd rather stick my hand in a dog's mouht than a ******'s"

Trainspotting, Irvine Welsh (Prose): "Thair's nothing like a draker skin tone to increase the vigilance ay the polis and the magistrates"

The Glass Menagerie: "You be the lady this time and I'll be the darky"

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