Why did the USA not join the war in 1914?



Nowhere near Europe- Borders were not threatened

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Neutrality Popular

Woodrow Wilson - 'He kept us out of the war'

Increase in peace movements in America

Famous song- 'I did not raise my son to be a solider'

Most people however did favour Britain over Germany

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Historical Policies

America had very little interest in Foreign Policy

It only got involved in a limited amount of war, thses were against -Britain 1812 -Mexico 1848 -Spainish American War 1898

These however were all followed by feelings of regret which they did not want to repeat

They were not involved in the creation of the Triple Alliance/ Triple Entente

They created a Policy of Isolationism- this had been since the birth of the republic. It was borne out of the suspicion of dynastic squabbling and amoral power politics

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Many Immigrants had come from Germany, thus they were not willing to fight against their own country

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America traded with both sides in the war- they capitalised on the disruption caused to the economic production in these countries

Wage levels rose by 25% during the first years of the war

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